Lucia Club Chairs & ottomans showing the Lucia end table.

Patio Furniture Trends for 2019

Patio Furniture Trends 2019

Learn about the hottest Patio furniture trends 2019. Styles and designs continue to change year after year. And these changes are always positive and forward looking. The hottest trends of 2019 are metal frame designed patio sectionals. These are popular for several reasons:

  1. They are very low maintenance. Easy to keep clean, they can simply be hosed down
  2. Metal frames have a very long lifespan. Wicker resin sets can fall apart over time from the sun. This won’t happen with metal frame sets
  3. Hip and fresh designs. Wicker resin sets have been around for ever it seams like. Nobody wants their expensive set to look like it was bought at Canadian Tire. Therefore, when you get a metal frame one, it will stand out from your friends sets
  4. Finally, customize your cushion color. This way they will match your house and existing outdoor living space

Whereas in other years, wicker resin sets were our top sellers. However, things took a drastic change in 2019, when the Element Collection and other metal framed ones became the top sellers. Indeed the Element collection comes in a variety of configurations, so it will any deck. In addition to the sectional version, Element comes in a sofa, club chair, swivel club chair, lounger and dining version. Allowing you to have all your furniture matching.

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Investing in Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Buy Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Finally you have decided to buy luxury outdoor furniture and replace your old patio set. Even though you had enjoyed your current set, you weren’t overall happy with the cushion quality and comfort. Indeed, you are not alone with this problem. As many homeowners have faced this issue. Previously there wasn’t a lot of choice when it came to patio furniture. Places like Canadian Tire or Home Depot were you’re only options. Whereas now, outdoor living has changed completely from ten years ago. Hence you have selection now of where buy luxury outdoor furniture, what style to buy, and sky is the limit when it comes to pricing. Higher end patio sets are made with better materials now. Particularly with powder coated aluminum frames, commercial grade wicker resin, reticulated foam cushions and Sunbrella fabric casings.
Patio furniture that is made with higher quality materials can last for decades. As well, maintaining and caring for your patio furniture will increase it’s life spam. Therefore when you buy luxury outdoor furniture, it is important use all weather covers to protect it. Besides keeping the cushions dry, weather covers will keep your set clean and prevent it from sun damage. When you buy patio furniture from established manufacturers, you won’t have the same problems you had with your previous patio set. On the other hand, you will pay more, and your new set will last longer. You will also enjoy using it more, and won’t be changing the cushions every few years. Clearly a benefit for the consumer who doesn’t like shopping.

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At PatioBay, we know luxury outdoor furniture. Above all, we ship across Canada. So no matter where you live, you can experience the difference in quality and comfort. Definitely, an important factor when making the investment in a high end umbrella like Fim, is knowing you can replace parts. Lets face it, we’ve all left umbrellas open during a wind storm. It doesn’t matter how well it’s built, being knocked over during a violent wind storm can crack the ribs. . Luckily, Fim umbrellas are commercial grade and all parts can be replaced on them. Ensuring your investment will last you for many years. Next, take the time and do your research before you buy. Canadian manufacturers are a good bet. As they are locally based, it is easy to find replacement parts and have better customer service.
Lastly, when you are ready to buy luxury outdoor furniture, patioBay is here to help.