Why you must buy furniture that sets with your home decor

A home is the place you come back to after a toilsome day. So what is it that makes this place so sacred? The ambience, the décor, the lights, the smells and sound – all play a huge part in providing the calming and cozy homely environment. Every home is different and so are the amenities. Yet nothing contributes as heavily to the environment as the furniture it uses. Often the furniture not only makes for the overall vibe but also has the potential to elevate an otherwise ordinary setting into something special. To get the best out of one’s interiors, one must consider both functional as well as ornate or classy looking furniture that add to the aesthetic appeal of the home.

Reasons why furniture is important:

Interiors and Décor

1. For any home décor, furniture is like the colour that completes a blank canvas. One has to step aside to think which furniture goes best with the room. For example, a beige colored room would do well with wooden furniture. Darker shades of wood would complement such rooms. On the other hand, having dark furniture in a limited capacity room, will further downsize it to the onlookers’ eyes.

2. Functionally designed furniture make effective utilization of space. By striking a balance between free play of air, light and human arrangements – good furniture makes a home out of a house. Along with offering facilities for storage, resting, sitting or even sleeping furniture have a key role to play through decorative value.

3. Furniture often is a reflection of the home owner’s personality directly. It is an expression of how one likes to live – whether minimalistic, regular or even opulent. This is also why furniture must always be viewed as an extension of the interiors and décor. Viewing in isolation or as an afterthought will take away the value that well thought out furniture can bring to one’s home.

The biggest plus that furniture allows, is to be able to customize according to your specific requirement.  If you have some space constraints, then space saving furniture is great. Have a spare balcony or terrace? Throw in some extra pieces of furniture and you have an open air lounging area. Be as they may, it is very important that you consider all the surrounding areas, décor, colour schemes and available space before finally choosing to buy your furniture.

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    Ways to Make Your Furniture Last Longer

    Your furniture adds charm and appeals to your interior space. But, it takes work to ensure the home furniture looks great. Proper furniture care can make your furniture look beautiful and ensure durability. There are some things you need to follow and some steps you need to avoid to add years to the life of the furniture. Here are some of the ways to attain the goal:

    Clean Your Furniture

    Keep the Furniture Clean

    For lasting shine and beauty, you need to keep the furniture clean. Try to find the construction material of the home furniture to determine the perfect cleaning method. You need to follow the cleaning instruction that comes with the furniture. Suppose you have no idea how to clean the furniture; try to look online. It will help you find the best methods to clean the furniture based on the material used. Follow the dos and don’ts to avoid problems.

    Avoid Placing Hot Objects

    Placing hot items on the surface of the furniture can lead to white ring marks. It can mar the beauty of the home furniture. The hot pans, pots, mugs, and irons can melt the finish of your furniture within no time. It is vital to protect the surface of your home furniture from any heat source. You have to buy coasters and placemats to keep hot items on the surface without stains or marks. While some furniture has a durable finish compared to others, you must leave it to chance. Buy coasters and placemats.

    Restrict Your Pets on The Furniture

    If you have upholstered furniture, your pets must stay away from it. Pet hair can deposit on the upholstered furniture. Hence, it requires cleaning every day. Making them stay away means you can clean it once every week. Pets can also damage wooden furniture when they succeed in getting their paws and claws into them. Hence, maintain caution.

    Professional Repair and Restoration

    As time passes, your furniture may have scratches and marks due to accidents. In such cases, get them repaired and restored by seeking professional services. Experts can complete the job better to make your furniture look appealing.

    Invest In Furniture Covers

    Buy furniture covers to preserve the beauty. It protects the furniture from dirt, dust, and grime from settling on the surface. It is something every homeowner must consider to maintain the visual appeal. It is needed when you are not using the furniture daily or leave home unattended for periods. The covers can aid in ensuring the longevity of the home furniture. The furniture cover can also protect the furniture against the sun.

    If you are looking for stylish and beautiful furniture covers, PatioBay can offer them.

    The platform provides the best deal on umbrellas for patio, outdoor furniture covers, gas fire tables, and conversation sets. The wide range of furniture covers will help your furniture remain beautiful without dirt or dust. It prevents the necessity to wash the furniture with pressure washers. Due to the reduced need for washing, the coloured fabrics of cushions may not wear down faster. Check out the collection today to keep your furniture look appealing.


      Safety – Installation and Operation Tips for Fire Pit Tables

      Do you want to spend some quality time with your family and friends? You can make the backyard the best place for recreational purposes. With some effort, you can make the backyard an extension of your home. You can install fire pits to make the outdoor appear more friendly and lively. But, the installation of fire pits requires caution and care. Due to the increased risk of fire accidents and injuries because of improper installation and use of fire pit tables, you need to follow some safety guidelines. Here are some of them:

      Installation Safety Tips

      When you install a fire pit table, you need to follow some suggestions. Some of them are:

      • Always install fire pits twenty-five feet from other combustible structures, buildings, or other materials. Depending on the local code, you can reduce the distance to fifteen feet. It must also have an overhead clearance of up to twenty-one feet.
      • It must remain within ten feet of the property lines. It may vary depending on the location.
      • Avoid locating the fire pit over underground utilities or overhead power lines.
      • Place it on stable and level ground.
      • Fire pits must have enclosed sides of non-combustible materials like heavy gauge metal, stone, or brick.
      • Line the in-ground fire pits using non-combustible material with a sand or gravel base.
      • Avoid the fire from having direct contact with the earth.
      • Enclose the fire pit using non-combustible material such as paving, gravel, or sand.
      • Recreational fire pits must have a maximum dimension of two feet in height and three feet in diameter.

      Operational Tips for Fire Pit Safety

      When you are using the fire pit tables for recreational purposes, follow safety guidelines to avoid any accidents and injuries:

      Enclose the Fire Pit

      • Never place the fire pit directly on the ground or grass.
      • Install fire pits outdoors. Never place them inside the garage or house.
      • Try to keep the fire small.
      • Avoid using fire pits during windy conditions. Hence, check the forecast on the day you use fire pits.
      • Always keep the area surrounding the fire pit clean. Keep leaves and other combustible materials away.
      • Keep a garden hose or water nearby.
      • Choose wood for the fire pits with caution. Avoid the type of wood that can release toxic fumes.
      • Avoid lighting fire with lighter fluid or gas. Buy fire starter packs, crumbled pieces of paper, or sticks to start a fire.
      • After you finish, douse the fire properly. Turn off the burners. It is a vital step as most outdoor fires occur due to hot smouldering objects like ash or hot embers. Monitor the extinguished fire until you see the embers stop steaming.

      Are you looking to install fire pit tables outdoor according to the safety guidelines specified? Then, you need to seek the assistance of experts at PatioBay. You can access the best deal to install fire pits that will enhance the ambiance of the deck. It will keep your friends and family warm while you enjoy the outdoors. The installation will have a wow factor without causing safety concerns. You can access the best brands from PatioBay without any hassles. Contact the experts to get the best service.

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        Everything You Need to Know About Fire Pit Tables!

        If you enjoy watching a crackling fire while camping, you might recreate the feeling at home. Fire tables are an excellent way to give your patio the atmosphere and charm of a fire pit without the work. They’re not only lovely when lighted, but they also serve as tables for setting drinks and entertaining guests. A fire table is what your patio is missing when it’s time to tidy up the yard and remove spring and summer décor. This luxury amenity is ideal for entertaining visitors as well as keeping things nice and warm. So, have a look at the information below to learn everything you need to know about them.

        What exactly is a fire pit table?

        Fire Pit Table

        A fire pit table, sometimes known as a fire table, is a piece of outdoor furniture that blends a fire pit with a patio table. This could be used for a variety of things, like giving warmth and light on chilly evenings, entertaining visitors, and holding cookouts. In comparison to a standard fire pit, it has a table on which to set your meals, drinks, board games, and catering supplies. It not only serves a purpose, but it also provides a nice touch to your outside space. Homeowners like it since the tank or gasoline source is hidden beneath the table. It not only serves a utilitarian purpose, but it also adds to the beauty of your outdoor environment.

        The Advantages of Having a Fire Table:

        • On a patio, fire tables look great, especially when flanked by attractive (and comfy) seats. Consider it a decorative piece of furniture that may be utilized for simple entertainment. You can get a set of chairs that match perfectly because there are so many different kinds.
        • When the fire isn’t burning, most fire tables serve as tiny side tables, and some are large enough for a lunch date. Many tables come with a lid that you can use to cover the open flame area and create a smooth surface.
        • Summer is when fire tables are most popular, but we appreciate that they provide warmth all year. You may use it all through the fall and into the frigid winter evenings.
        • The luxury of having a fire table is unquestionable. Rather than splitting and dragging firewood around the yard, you simply flip a dial and have hot flames in seconds.
        • Fire tables, like most fire pits, are ideal for entertaining. The warm flames provide an exciting component for most occasions, whether you’re throwing a party or having a happy hour with friends. A fire table is also ideal for unwinding with a cool beverage and a nice book when no one else is around.

        Can a fire pit table be utilized under a covered patio or structure?

        If you want to put your fire table in a confined environment, be sure the height of your construction allows for a fire pit table and its flame level. After that, think about the structure’s air circulation and ventilation. Being in an enclosed environment with a smoke-emitting fire pit table is hazardous. When you want to put your fire pit table beneath a covered location, go for a propane fire table that doesn’t emit a lot of smoke.

        PATIOBAY can assist you in locating the ideal fire pit table for your house. They will go out of their way to guarantee that your engagement with their services is easy and trustworthy.

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          How to Check the Quality of Furniture Before you Buy?

          Furniture may have a significant impact on your life by impacting your comfort and quality of life. Even though this awareness might make purchasing furniture more difficult, it is necessary. You want to choose furniture that complements, supports, and improves your lifestyle.

          It’s always beneficial to know what constitutes high-quality, long-lasting, or well-made furniture. Knowing if a piece of furniture is worthy of our time, efforts, and cash is an important element of the furniture shopping process. So, have a look at the list below and remember the following principles to make the most of your experience.

          Examine the Materials:

          Some “wood furniture” is better than others. You might think a piece is made of wood at first appearance, only to find out it’s made of laminate, particleboard, or a composite substance. Solid wood or veneer (thin sheets of actual wood) is the best option. In contrast to particleboard, laminate, composite materials, MDF, or thin plywood, real wood pieces may always be sanded and polished. The ability to recognize other high-quality materials, such as actual stone vs fake stone, true brass versus a poor plating, and so on, is also important.

          Get to Know Your Fabrics

          A major portion of sofas is selected based on the fabric’s look and feel. However, while it’s crucial to know what’s within your sofa, you also need to evaluate what’s on the exterior. Select a fabric for your upholstery that is appropriate for your lifestyle. You may enjoy the way it feels, but think about how much maintenance your upholstery fabric will require. Silk, for example, looks lovely but may fade if placed near a bright window since it is not very lightfast. Certain fibres are susceptible to wrinkling and snagging, making them unsuitable for heavy use.

          Wood Furniture

          Look for a Sturdy Structure:

          Inspect the structure of a piece of furniture before purchasing it, in addition to the quality of the materials. Examine the way the furniture is put together by opening drawers, looking at the rear and underside of pieces, removing cushion coverings, and inspecting the method the furniture is held together. Furniture manufactured with staples, nails, or glue should be avoided. Look for corners that are linked together with dovetails, mortise-and-tenons, or dowels if possible. Corners that are joined together are stronger and can support greater weight. Ensure drawers are easy to open and close and that they have a stop to prevent them from being pushed out too far. Make sure all of the knobs and handles are securely fastened.

          Examine the Weight:

          Is the item you’re thinking about purchasing heavy? For furniture building, heavy is typically a good thing for both case goods such as wood pieces and upholstered furniture.
          When comparing solid wood to a pressboard or particleboard, the superior material often weighs more. The same is true for down-filled pillows vs less expensive foam-filled cushions; the down will always be heavier. Upholstery with a sturdy frame and down cushions will be more substantial than a foam sofa.

          PATIOBAY is a major provider of high-end furniture. They employ high-quality items and can readily assist you in meeting all of your requirements.

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            Covers for Patio Furniture | PatioBAY

            Using Covers for your Patio Furniture

            Covers for Patio Furniture

            Covers for patio furniture are essential for prolonging it’s lifespan. Your outdoor furniture was a size able investment, as such don’t skimp out when it comes time to buying covers for it. Clearly, your patio furniture is designed for outdoor use. However, it will deteriorate faster when exposed to the elements. Additionally, you will be cleaning your patio set more often, as dust and dirt continually blow through the air. Besides cleaning, here are several other factors to think about when it comes to covers for patio furniture.

            Animal Activity

            Lets face it, we can’t control nature. Birds are leaving droppings all over your car and house. Your patio furniture is not immune as a target. Hence use covers for patio furniture to protect it from unsightly droppings and stains. Besides, nothing worse than rubbing your arm on bird droppings while sitting on your patio sofa. Alternatively, other creatures can build nests, take naps and leave dirty footprints on your cream cushions. We had a story from a customer where a raccoon gave birth on their patio sectional! Can you say, new cushions please?

            Next we have Water Damage

            Water and moisture will almost certainly make furniture decay over time. Obviously cedar patio sets will rot, teak ones can discolor, and natural wicker will fall apart. Certain metal sets will rust, and almost any surface has the potential to grow mold. Using covers for patio furniture will help keep your set dry and alleviate it from water damage. Thus saving you money in the long term.

            Out of sight, out of mind

            Having a patio furniture cover may discourage thieves from walking away with it. Unlike exposed furniture, thieves don’t know what’s under the cover and may move on. They can’t tell if you have a cheap set, or a set of Ratana luxury patio furniture from PatioBAY.

            Harmful Weather

            Without a doubt, bad weather destroys outdoor furniture. An outdoor dining table and chair set can blow around during strong winds. Therefore, using covers for patio furniture like this will keep it all together. Rain, hail stones and snow all have the ability to damage outdoor furniture. Covers won’t protect it every time, but it’s always good to have an extra layer of protection.

            Sun Damage

            Lastly, ultraviolet rays will shorten the lifespan of outdoor furniture. Additionally, it can alter it’s appearance by fading the cushions and outer finish. Face it, our skin changes color in the sun, so will your furniture. Wicker resin surfaces may also crack or become brittle when exposed to strong sunlight after many hours. Thank you for stopping by today. Finally, shop or wide selection of outdoor furniture covers to protect your investment.
            Patio Furniture for Smaller Spaces | Patio Bay

            Tips on Patio Furniture for Smaller Spaces

            Patio Furniture for Smaller Spaces

            Living in the city, means how important it is to find patio furniture for smaller spaces. These days, with the high price of real estate, means having an outdoor space is truly a luxury. Nevertheless, developers are making an effort to provide residents with patios, no matter how small. So don’t be discouraged if your deck, back yard or balcony is on the smaller side. Because no matter what, you can use the space.
            Indeed you can still enjoy it, when you have the right patio furniture for smaller spaces. In particular, you can transform your outdoor space into a relaxing or entertaining extension of your home. Allowing you to read a book on a summer day. Or gaze off with your ocean view, knowing you chose the proper sized patio furniture for smaller spaces. The devil is in the details as they say, and the trick lies in how well you strategically arrange the furniture. Here are several tips on how to maximize your deck space and make it look appealing.

            Start with a Focal Point

            Start with choosing a focal point for your outdoor space. Above all, this will be the center piece of your outdoor space. This could be a sectional, a sofa, dining table, fire table or even a water feature. It will be the primary gathering point of your outdoor space. The rest of your patio furniture for smaller spaces should compliment it, not suffocate it.

            Casual or Formal Smaller Space Outdoor Furniture

            Because of the limited size of your outdoor living space, great thought and detail is required when choosing furniture. Your patio furniture for smaller spaces must complement the outdoor area and the rest of your home. Equally important, is that it creates the right ambiance and the mood you for your outdoor living.
            If it’s a casual look you’re going for, consider going with a patio sectional with options for ottomans to move around. Then, you can use trays to put on top of the ottomans to eat off of. However, if it’s more of a formal look you want, go with a sofa and club selection. Thus allowing you to re position the chairs to suite specific events your having.

            Proper Furniture Placement

            Strategic placement of your furniture is very important. Even more so when you are working with limited outdoor space. Our tip is always to place the longest piece of furniture against the longest wall. Generally this is your patio sofa, or longer part of your patio sectional. Once this is established, it makes it easier to set up the remaining pieces.

            Lastly, make the most of your outdoor space, no matter what the size. Because any chance to be outside on a sunny day is worth it. Remember to be smart in how you arrange your patio furniture. Finally, add some bright accent pillows, rugs and blankets to make your space special. So browse our catalog at PatioBAY for the perfect patio furniture for smaller space.

            Lucia Club Chairs & ottomans showing the Lucia end table.

            Patio Furniture Trends for 2019

            Patio Furniture Trends 2019

            Learn about the hottest Patio furniture trends 2019. Styles and designs continue to change year after year. And these changes are always positive and forward looking. The hottest trends of 2019 are metal frame designed patio sectionals. These are popular for several reasons:

            1. They are very low maintenance. Easy to keep clean, they can simply be hosed down
            2. Metal frames have a very long lifespan. Wicker resin sets can fall apart over time from the sun. This won’t happen with metal frame sets
            3. Hip and fresh designs. Wicker resin sets have been around for ever it seams like. Nobody wants their expensive set to look like it was bought at Canadian Tire. Therefore, when you get a metal frame one, it will stand out from your friends sets
            4. Finally, customize your cushion color. This way they will match your house and existing outdoor living space

            Whereas in other years, wicker resin sets were our top sellers. However, things took a drastic change in 2019, when the Element Collection and other metal framed ones became the top sellers. Indeed the Element collection comes in a variety of configurations, so it will any deck. In addition to the sectional version, Element comes in a sofa, club chair, swivel club chair, lounger and dining version. Allowing you to have all your furniture matching.

            Buy Luxury Outdoor Furniture | Patio Bay

            Investing in Luxury Outdoor Furniture

            Buy Luxury Outdoor Furniture

            Finally you have decided to buy luxury outdoor furniture and replace your old patio set. Even though you had enjoyed your current set, you weren’t overall happy with the cushion quality and comfort. Indeed, you are not alone with this problem. As many homeowners have faced this issue. Previously there wasn’t a lot of choice when it came to patio furniture. Places like Canadian Tire or Home Depot were you’re only options. Whereas now, outdoor living has changed completely from ten years ago. Hence you have selection now of where buy luxury outdoor furniture, what style to buy, and sky is the limit when it comes to pricing. Higher end patio sets are made with better materials now. Particularly with powder coated aluminum frames, commercial grade wicker resin, reticulated foam cushions and Sunbrella fabric casings.
            Patio furniture that is made with higher quality materials can last for decades. As well, maintaining and caring for your patio furniture will increase it’s life spam. Therefore when you buy luxury outdoor furniture, it is important use all weather covers to protect it. Besides keeping the cushions dry, weather covers will keep your set clean and prevent it from sun damage. When you buy patio furniture from established manufacturers, you won’t have the same problems you had with your previous patio set. On the other hand, you will pay more, and your new set will last longer. You will also enjoy using it more, and won’t be changing the cushions every few years. Clearly a benefit for the consumer who doesn’t like shopping.

            Shop PatioBay for Luxury Outdoor Furniture

            At PatioBay, we know luxury outdoor furniture. Above all, we ship across Canada. So no matter where you live, you can experience the difference in quality and comfort. Definitely, an important factor when making the investment in a high end umbrella like Fim, is knowing you can replace parts. Lets face it, we’ve all left umbrellas open during a wind storm. It doesn’t matter how well it’s built, being knocked over during a violent wind storm can crack the ribs. . Luckily, Fim umbrellas are commercial grade and all parts can be replaced on them. Ensuring your investment will last you for many years. Next, take the time and do your research before you buy. Canadian manufacturers are a good bet. As they are locally based, it is easy to find replacement parts and have better customer service.
            Lastly, when you are ready to buy luxury outdoor furniture, patioBay is here to help.
            Outdoor Living Tips | Patio Bay

            How to Liven Up your Outdoor Space

            Outdoor Living Tips to make your space look Amazing

            Let’s face it, furniture is fashion. Whether its indoor or outdoor, trends are always changing. Luckily, patio furniture trends stick around longer than indoor ones do. Particularly because not every is California where it’s usable all year long. Therefore, we’ve put together some fun outdoor living tips to liven up your outdoor space. Allowing for better looking outdoor spaces for many summers to come.

            Bright & Lively Colors

            Firstly, don’t be afraid to add a splash of color. Keep in mind your outdoors, so it’s okay to go with bright and bold colors. Unlike your indoor living space that you see daily, your outdoor one doesn’t get used as much. So using bright teals and yellow throw pillows will be pleasant to see. We recommend contrasting your patio sets main cushion color with bright throw pillows. In addition to throw pillows, you can add color with outdoor rugs and bright colored cantilever umbrellas. More outdoor living tips are adding smaller pieces of furniture in brighter colors. Like a set of Acapulco chairs in lime green or bright blue.

            Add Plant Life

            Secondly, adding a few tropical plants or palms will do wonders. When it comes to bringing your patio to life, natures own are the best outdoor living tips. Definitely, choose plants that are suited to your climate, so they will last all summer. Remember, you can’t go wrong when you decorate an outdoor space with natural growing things.

            Outdoor Lighting

            Give your backyard the look of a California restaurant with creative lighting. Stringing lights overhead or attach them to the wall. In addition, built in floor lighting looks amazing, although is more permanent and costly. Lastly, bring a cozier feeling by using large patio candles with wind protection.

            Wall Decor

            A popular new trend is to putting  more focus on outdoor walls with decor. Accenting an outdoor wall makes it more a part of the overall space. Hence, giving you that “outdoor living room” feel. This can be achieved by hanging a weather-resistant print or attaching vertical, wall planters. We have even heard of people installing a decorative fence panel to make a completely new wall on the open side of your patio. Allowing your area to be more intimate. Add lighting around your panels which have cut-out designs looks sharp and gives off artistic, glowing patterns. Shop PatioBAY for the most up to date patio furniture and accessories.