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Using Covers for your Patio Furniture

Covers for Patio Furniture

Covers for patio furniture are essential for prolonging it’s lifespan. Your outdoor furniture was a size able investment, as such don’t skimp out when it comes time to buying covers for it. Clearly, your patio furniture is designed for outdoor use. However, it will deteriorate faster when exposed to the elements. Additionally, you will be cleaning your patio set more often, as dust and dirt continually blow through the air. Besides cleaning, here are several other factors to think about when it comes to covers for patio furniture.

Animal Activity

Lets face it, we can’t control nature. Birds are leaving droppings all over your car and house. Your patio furniture is not immune as a target. Hence use covers for patio furniture to protect it from unsightly droppings and stains. Besides, nothing worse than rubbing your arm on bird droppings while sitting on your patio sofa. Alternatively, other creatures can build nests, take naps and leave dirty footprints on your cream cushions. We had a story from a customer where a raccoon gave birth on their patio sectional! Can you say, new cushions please?

Next we have Water Damage

Water and moisture will almost certainly make furniture decay over time. Obviously cedar patio sets will rot, teak ones can discolor, and natural wicker will fall apart. Certain metal sets will rust, and almost any surface has the potential to grow mold. Using covers for patio furniture will help keep your set dry and alleviate it from water damage. Thus saving you money in the long term.

Out of sight, out of mind

Having a patio furniture cover may discourage thieves from walking away with it. Unlike exposed furniture, thieves don’t know what’s under the cover and may move on. They can’t tell if you have a cheap set, or a set of Ratana luxury patio furniture from PatioBAY.

Harmful Weather

Without a doubt, bad weather destroys outdoor furniture. An outdoor dining table and chair set can blow around during strong winds. Therefore, using covers for patio furniture like this will keep it all together. Rain, hail stones and snow all have the ability to damage outdoor furniture. Covers won’t protect it every time, but it’s always good to have an extra layer of protection.

Sun Damage

Lastly, ultraviolet rays will shorten the lifespan of outdoor furniture. Additionally, it can alter it’s appearance by fading the cushions and outer finish. Face it, our skin changes color in the sun, so will your furniture. Wicker resin surfaces may also crack or become brittle when exposed to strong sunlight after many hours. Thank you for stopping by today. Finally, shop or wide selection of outdoor furniture covers to protect your investment.
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