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How to Liven Up your Outdoor Space

Outdoor Living Tips to make your space look Amazing

Let’s face it, furniture is fashion. Whether its indoor or outdoor, trends are always changing. Luckily, patio furniture trends stick around longer than indoor ones do. Particularly because not every is California where it’s usable all year long. Therefore, we’ve put together some fun outdoor living tips to liven up your outdoor space. Allowing for better looking outdoor spaces for many summers to come.

Bright & Lively Colors

Firstly, don’t be afraid to add a splash of color. Keep in mind your outdoors, so it’s okay to go with bright and bold colors. Unlike your indoor living space that you see daily, your outdoor one doesn’t get used as much. So using bright teals and yellow throw pillows will be pleasant to see. We recommend contrasting your patio sets main cushion color with bright throw pillows. In addition to throw pillows, you can add color with outdoor rugs and bright colored cantilever umbrellas. More outdoor living tips are adding smaller pieces of furniture in brighter colors. Like a set of Acapulco chairs in lime green or bright blue.

Add Plant Life

Secondly, adding a few tropical plants or palms will do wonders. When it comes to bringing your patio to life, natures own are the best outdoor living tips. Definitely, choose plants that are suited to your climate, so they will last all summer. Remember, you can’t go wrong when you decorate an outdoor space with natural growing things.

Outdoor Lighting

Give your backyard the look of a California restaurant with creative lighting. Stringing lights overhead or attach them to the wall. In addition, built in floor lighting looks amazing, although is more permanent and costly. Lastly, bring a cozier feeling by using large patio candles with wind protection.

Wall Decor

A popular new trend is to putting  more focus on outdoor walls with decor. Accenting an outdoor wall makes it more a part of the overall space. Hence, giving you that “outdoor living room” feel. This can be achieved by hanging a weather-resistant print or attaching vertical, wall planters. We have even heard of people installing a decorative fence panel to make a completely new wall on the open side of your patio. Allowing your area to be more intimate. Add lighting around your panels which have cut-out designs looks sharp and gives off artistic, glowing patterns. Shop PatioBAY for the most up to date patio furniture and accessories.
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