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Tips on Patio Furniture for Smaller Spaces

Patio Furniture for Smaller Spaces

Living in the city, means how important it is to find patio furniture for smaller spaces. These days, with the high price of real estate, means having an outdoor space is truly a luxury. Nevertheless, developers are making an effort to provide residents with patios, no matter how small. So don’t be discouraged if your deck, back yard or balcony is on the smaller side. Because no matter what, you can use the space.
Indeed you can still enjoy it, when you have the right patio furniture for smaller spaces. In particular, you can transform your outdoor space into a relaxing or entertaining extension of your home. Allowing you to read a book on a summer day. Or gaze off with your ocean view, knowing you chose the proper sized patio furniture for smaller spaces. The devil is in the details as they say, and the trick lies in how well you strategically arrange the furniture. Here are several tips on how to maximize your deck space and make it look appealing.

Start with a Focal Point

Start with choosing a focal point for your outdoor space. Above all, this will be the center piece of your outdoor space. This could be a sectional, a sofa, dining table, fire table or even a water feature. It will be the primary gathering point of your outdoor space. The rest of your patio furniture for smaller spaces should compliment it, not suffocate it.

Casual or Formal Smaller Space Outdoor Furniture

Because of the limited size of your outdoor living space, great thought and detail is required when choosing furniture. Your patio furniture for smaller spaces must complement the outdoor area and the rest of your home. Equally important, is that it creates the right ambiance and the mood you for your outdoor living.
If it’s a casual look you’re going for, consider going with a patio sectional with options for ottomans to move around. Then, you can use trays to put on top of the ottomans to eat off of. However, if it’s more of a formal look you want, go with a sofa and club selection. Thus allowing you to re position the chairs to suite specific events your having.

Proper Furniture Placement

Strategic placement of your furniture is very important. Even more so when you are working with limited outdoor space. Our tip is always to place the longest piece of furniture against the longest wall. Generally this is your patio sofa, or longer part of your patio sectional. Once this is established, it makes it easier to set up the remaining pieces.

Lastly, make the most of your outdoor space, no matter what the size. Because any chance to be outside on a sunny day is worth it. Remember to be smart in how you arrange your patio furniture. Finally, add some bright accent pillows, rugs and blankets to make your space special. So browse our catalog at PatioBAY for the perfect patio furniture for smaller space.

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