Lucia Club Chairs & ottomans showing the Lucia end table.

Patio Furniture Trends for 2019

Patio Furniture Trends 2019

Learn about the hottest Patio furniture trends 2019. Styles and designs continue to change year after year. And these changes are always positive and forward looking. The hottest trends of 2019 are metal frame designed patio sectionals. These are popular for several reasons:

  1. They are very low maintenance. Easy to keep clean, they can simply be hosed down
  2. Metal frames have a very long lifespan. Wicker resin sets can fall apart over time from the sun. This won’t happen with metal frame sets
  3. Hip and fresh designs. Wicker resin sets have been around for ever it seams like. Nobody wants their expensive set to look like it was bought at Canadian Tire. Therefore, when you get a metal frame one, it will stand out from your friends sets
  4. Finally, customize your cushion color. This way they will match your house and existing outdoor living space

Whereas in other years, wicker resin sets were our top sellers. However, things took a drastic change in 2019, when the Element Collection and other metal framed ones became the top sellers. Indeed the Element collection comes in a variety of configurations, so it will any deck. In addition to the sectional version, Element comes in a sofa, club chair, swivel club chair, lounger and dining version. Allowing you to have all your furniture matching.

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