Patio Furniture Covers

Patio furniture covers are the best way to protect your outdoor furniture. Outdoor living has become a substantial investment these days. And it’s very important to protect your investment. Using all weather covers will prolong the life span of your patio furniture for years. One of the most pleasant feelings is relaxing outside on your new patio sofa on a summer day. However, seeing your wicker patio sofa deteriorate from cold winters and harsh sunshine, is a dreadful feeling. At PatioBay, we carry high quality patio furniture covers to protect your luxury patio set. Luckily we have patio covers in all shapes and sizes. So you can cover your patio dining table or sofa. patio sectional or gas fire table. By protecting your furniture with weather covers, you will also maintain a high level of value should you decide to sell it ever.

Shop PatioBay for the best deals on patio umbrellas, conversation sets and gas fire tables. And of course, shop us for our wide selection of outdoor furniture covers Canada. Having your furniture covered, will save it from collecting dirt and dust blowing through the air. This will save you from having to constantly wash it down with a pressure washer. In addition, you won’t be constantly washing the cushions, wearing the colored fabric down faster.

Outdoor furniture has come a long way over the years. Both in style and price. It has literally become and extension of our living room now.Hence you have to take better care of it, by using patio furniture covers year round. Ratana brand covers are tapered to fit pieces properly. As well they are a modern looking water proof cover. Lastly, we have free shipping on patio covers all across Canada.

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