Safety – Installation and Operation Tips for Fire Pit Tables

Do you want to spend some quality time with your family and friends? You can make the backyard the best place for recreational purposes. With some effort, you can make the backyard an extension of your home. You can install fire pits to make the outdoor appear more friendly and lively. But, the installation of fire pits requires caution and care. Due to the increased risk of fire accidents and injuries because of improper installation and use of fire pit tables, you need to follow some safety guidelines. Here are some of them:

Installation Safety Tips

When you install a fire pit table, you need to follow some suggestions. Some of them are:

  • Always install fire pits twenty-five feet from other combustible structures, buildings, or other materials. Depending on the local code, you can reduce the distance to fifteen feet. It must also have an overhead clearance of up to twenty-one feet.
  • It must remain within ten feet of the property lines. It may vary depending on the location.
  • Avoid locating the fire pit over underground utilities or overhead power lines.
  • Place it on stable and level ground.
  • Fire pits must have enclosed sides of non-combustible materials like heavy gauge metal, stone, or brick.
  • Line the in-ground fire pits using non-combustible material with a sand or gravel base.
  • Avoid the fire from having direct contact with the earth.
  • Enclose the fire pit using non-combustible material such as paving, gravel, or sand.
  • Recreational fire pits must have a maximum dimension of two feet in height and three feet in diameter.

Operational Tips for Fire Pit Safety

When you are using the fire pit tables for recreational purposes, follow safety guidelines to avoid any accidents and injuries:

Enclose the Fire Pit

  • Never place the fire pit directly on the ground or grass.
  • Install fire pits outdoors. Never place them inside the garage or house.
  • Try to keep the fire small.
  • Avoid using fire pits during windy conditions. Hence, check the forecast on the day you use fire pits.
  • Always keep the area surrounding the fire pit clean. Keep leaves and other combustible materials away.
  • Keep a garden hose or water nearby.
  • Choose wood for the fire pits with caution. Avoid the type of wood that can release toxic fumes.
  • Avoid lighting fire with lighter fluid or gas. Buy fire starter packs, crumbled pieces of paper, or sticks to start a fire.
  • After you finish, douse the fire properly. Turn off the burners. It is a vital step as most outdoor fires occur due to hot smouldering objects like ash or hot embers. Monitor the extinguished fire until you see the embers stop steaming.

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